This is what I love


This is what I love about the Economist. There are surely a great number of things wrong with being eminently sensible, but many a time it's nice to have the Economist fight your battles for you. Look at this and this. Since when did we start legislating language again? You'd think it was the French for fuck's sake. The sky is falling. Dude, your dick's on fire.

Speaking of shithead loser morons, look at this. The comments by Seeker just remind what an idiot this guy is. He was a fuck-head when he was riding me about the SDI thing, and he's still a fuck-head now. I could go off on one about him and his small mindedness regarding culture but I haven't the strength. Let's just say his sig says it all, the pseudo-liberal, bible-thumping, platitude-spouting idiot who thinks the world revolves around him. Four words my friend, SMACK MY BITCH UP.

Can't believe he's on the My Opera homepage. Bastard.

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