Fastmail, Power Outage and Typepad update


If people have been having problems contacting me it's because Fastmail is down for the moment due to the power outage. If you need to contact me urgently (esp because you think I'm deluded for thinking so) you can find an alternate e-mail address on a different server here. Of course IM is another cunning plan.

I'd just like to indulge in conspiracy theory and rumour mongering for a moment to point to speculation on the Inquirer's part (because they're so reliable) that MSBlaster took down the power grid :D.

On a very side note, kudos to TypePad for fixing the alignment issues with their blogging interface with Opera before they go gold - though obviously they should have done it much earlier. Now they just need to do what any good forum software is able to do with aplomb, be able to have hyperlink assistants that work cross platforms (ie in Opera).

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